Moving People Closer to Jesus


The City Church exists to move people closer to JESUS. We firmly believe that whether you've been a Christian for twenty minutes or twenty years, God has more in store for us. We invite you to join our church family where, together, we are moving closer to Jesus.


We see ourselves as a life giving church family that intentionally loves the City and is committed to growth.


People: Our Purpose

We believe our purpose is to be known for loving people because God loves all people. Therefore, we are committed to being a conduit of God’s outrageous, redeeming, sacrificial love. 

The City: Our Responsibility

We believe that God has strategically positioned The City Church to move people in our area closer to Jesus. God wants to use the Church to preach the good news and be a living example of His love to others. 

Growth: Our Commitment

Jesus doesn’t call us to just be Christians in name only, instead He calls each person to be a disciple. We are committed to growing in our personal relationship with Him and knowing Him more. 

Community: Our Connection

We are designed to live out the teachings of Jesus in the context of life- giving relationships. Strength in our relationships contribute to the strength of our community. We intentionally love, support and encourage each other.

Serving: Our Calling

Jesus is our greatest example, so we believe that service is the highest call. We use our gifting, time and efforts to serve one another. We believe that anyone can be great, because anyone can serve. 

Passion: Our Response

Passion is how we choose to respond to what Jesus has done in our lives, therefore, Church should be enjoyed, not endured. We lead ourselves and others when we are passionately involved in all that God is doing in the Church. 

Generosity: Our Privilege

We are privileged to be generous because God has been generous to us. We are gladly generous with our time, talent and treasure. 

Generations: Our Legacy

We honour what each generation contributes to the family of God. We are committed to creating avenues for people of every age to move closer to Jesus. 

Excellence: Our Standard

We believe that God deserves our best and that people are worth our effort, energy and enthusiasm. We are passionate about creating excellent environments and experiences for people to encounter God and move closer to Jesus. 

The Big C Church: Our Family

We are a local church that is part of the larger body of Christ in Canada and around the world. We believe that other churches in our city are partners not competitors. The Big C church is our family whom we love and support. 

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