What are your procedures for keeping children safe and secure?

At The City Church, children are a top priority. We have developed loving, safe, and nurturing environments for all of our kids. From the moment they arrive, right up to pick-up time, our City Kids will experience clean, safe, age-specific environments designed with fun in mind!

We value and trust our City Team. Our City Kids spaces are run every week by committed City Team members who have undergone a background check, approved by our staff, trained for their respective age group and given strict protocols for your children’s safety. Plus, we have fun!

Here is a sample of the multi-layered approach we take to your child’s safety and health:

  • Security cameras in children spaces
  • All City Team members have undergone a background check
  • Updated Plan to Protect training with clear expectations
  • Staff and on-site security monitoring City Kids spaces during service hours
  • City Kids space is locked once services have begun
  • Security tag numbers regenerated weekly
  • City Kids spaces are sanitized as needed during open hours, and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized once closed.
  • Buddy system for classrooms and washrooms with a minimum of two city team members in a classroom at a time.
  • Diaper changes are provided upon parents initialed approval only.
  • Wellness policy

For the safety or both the volunteer and child, a minimum or two volunteers are present with a child or group of children. The below adult to child ratios in our classrooms are in accordance with our City Kids Policy:

Nursery 1:3
Preschool 1:5
Kindie 1:8
Elementary 1:10

What are the health and wellness guidelines?

Here at The City Church we adhere to our ‘Good Health’ policy. Please keep your child home with you if they show signs of: a runny nose, fresh cold (four days or less), fever, chronic cough, diarrhea, nits/lice, pink or glassy eyes. For the wellness of the children and our City Team members, we ask that you stay home until your child is feeling well and enjoy church online.

How does Check-In & Check-Out process work?

Our children’s spaces are open to receive children 15 minutes prior to service. Children must be dropped off and picked up by their parent, guardian or trusted friend over 18 years of age who must be in possession of the child’s security tag and pager. If your child needs you during service, you will be paged.

When you arrive, our friendly City Kids Host Team will be available to assist you in checking in your child. You will be asked to fill out a visitor form that will provide us with the appropriate information.

At kiosks you will receive a name tag and a numbered security tag with corresponding identification codes. At drop-off, you will additionally receive a pager. You must present your portion of the security tag when picking up your child. If you lose your tag, please present a piece of photo ID. Parents requesting to enter City Kids areas during service, must first check in with a City Team member in the lobby.

Can I stay in City Kids with my child?

A primary value of City Kids is to provide a safe environment for the children attending each week. We do not allow parents/guardians to stay with his/her child during the service for any reason. Should a parent need to speak to or remove a child from the classroom during service, proper protocol for a child leaving should be followed. This includes Nursery.

We get it, starting something new can sometimes be a struggle. If your child has a hard time adjusting to their new space, we are here to help! We are happy to provide some suggestions as needed, or you may feel free to ask the City Kids Team for additional assistance. We will work together to help you and your child feel more at ease!

If my kids are different ages, can they stay together?

In order to keep rooms safe, we ask that children go to their assigned room. What we teach and the activities we prepare for in each room are specific to the designed age group.

Do you administer diaper changes?

We want you to relax (you deserve it!) and enjoy the service knowing that your little one is being looked after with love and attention to their comfort. This includes changing their diaper, should it be necessary. We will even leave you a little note!

Should you desire to opt out, please alert one of our City Team members when you drop off your child.

What if a child isn’t behaving?

The steps below outline a process to help City Kids team members maintain positive interactions with children:

The 1,2,3 Policy:

If a child isn’t following City Kids rules and values he/she will be reminded of the values and expectations that we have in City Kids and given a warning but if the behaviour continues, he/she will be removed from the group and “take a break” with a City Kids Team member. A child will be reminded that parents will be notified next if the behaviour is not changed. On the third occasion, City Kids Team member will page their parents. The child will stay with parents for the remainder of the service outside of the classroom (pick-up protocol observed) but is welcome to come again next service.

What is your policy regarding photography and media?

New families are asked for signed permission allowing The City Church to take photos/videos of children for promotional purposes.

The City Church reserves the right to use photos and video captured onsite. If a parent does not want their children’s photos posted online, they can let the City Kids Host Team know at any time.

Only City Church Staff Members and Creative Team at The City Church are allowed to take pictures of children.

Is there a Nursing Mom’s room?

Yes! We have a private room with comfy chairs, a changing station and live video feed from the service for all our moms located beside the information desk, you won’t miss a thing!