Here are some ways you can help your community!

Outreach Ideas

While the current situation around COVID-19 prevents us from gathering in groups to serve, here are some practical ways that you can still impact your community and those in need around you!

Donate to a Food Bank

While many people are not able to work during this time, more and more people are turning to the support of their local food banks. The City Church has partnered with Eden Food For Change, but you can donate to the local food bank in your area as well. Contact them for what their current emerging needs are.
For the month of April, every $1 donated to Eden Food For Change will be matched, so your impact doubles! Visit https://edenffc.org for more.

Call or Text a Friend

We may be social distancing, but we should not be social disconnecting. Take a moment to reach out to those in your circle to see how they're doing, pray for them, or ask how you can meet a need.

Post an Encouraging Message

Share an encouraging note in your window for all to see! Whether it's an inspirational Bible verse, or a reminder that we're all in this together, share a message in the window of your home for those to see who are walking or driving by. It could be the message someone needs to see!
Share the message with us too, and tag us @citychurchgta.

Send Thank You Notes & Gift Cards

Those who are working the front lines for us might need an extra boost. Create thank you notes to give to the local medical professionals in your area, grocery store and pharmacy clerks, or even your pizza delivery guy. If possible, include a small gift card for them to enjoy a coffee break on you - because, they deserve it!

Send Letters & Activity Packages

Many seniors residences have closed their doors to visitors during this time. Get your kids involved and make some letters to send over, to show some love and let them know that they are not alone. Maybe you can come up with a creative package of activities to send too, to help keep them occupied!

Be Generous

The City Church is continuing to meet the needs of those in our church family who need immediate assistance with things like food, hygiene and medical supplies. Your continued generosity and online giving allows us to keep meeting those needs.